Why is picking the right photographer or videographer for your special day so important?! With so many others to choose from, I want you to LIKE having me around! I will be with you for the most important parts of your day so I want you to enjoy your time spent with me. I can promise you that I will laugh with you, joke around with you and probably cry with you at some point of the day. So we might as well like each other at least a little bit before we spend such a special day together! 

With a decade of experience in the wedding industry, a diploma in Photography and another in Video production, I not only have the technical knowledge to handle such an important day, but the fun status in experience! I also consider it part of my job to help you pin boutonnieres on, do your dress up, remove stains from clothing, keep hair out of your face, etc - so you look and feel your best all day long. 

Whether you’re looking for a photographer or videographer, I have you covered! For full pricing guide or hourly rates, please send me a message so I can customize the best package for your day!

** NEW Packages for both Photo and Video combined. Please inquire for a personalized quote!