Editing Investment

Do you find yourself trying to find more hours in a day to get all your tasks done? Are you stressed out because you know you still have that session or wedding to edit and not sure when you'll be able to get to it? Maybe you just need some free time for yourself or to spend with your family. Or lets be honest, you just don't like editing as much as you do shooting. Trust me, I get you! However, I have a solution for you ... outsourcing your editing!! Batch culling and basic editing or Photoshop retouching, we've got you covered. With a photography diploma, being technically trained in photo retouching and nine years in the business, I promise to treat your images as if they were my own.

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Batch Editing Sessions

Culling: 0.03 cents per image

Editing: 0.60 cents per image

Example of price breakdown

300 images sent: 300 x 0.03 = $9

100 images culled to edit: 100 x 0.60 = $60

Total: $69

Batch Editing Weddings

Culling: 0.03 cents per image

Editing: 0.20 cents per image

Example of price breakdown

2000 images sent: 2000 x 0.03 = $60

1000 images culled to edit: 1000 x 0.18 = $180

Total: $240


Basic Photo Retouching

$3 per image - colour correction, skin spot removal/skin smoothing, eye pop, etc

Pro Photo Retouching

$6 per image - acne, teeth whitening, fly aways, liquify tool, etc

High End Photo Retouching

$15 per image - removal of objects, etc

Editing Examples

Retouching Examples