Let's talk heirlooms!

What are heirlooms, you ask?! They are by far the most valuable thing you will ever own!

Heirlooms can be - prints, albums, canvas’, you name it. No they are not those facebook albums online. I know, facebook is amazing for sharing with everyone in one quick push of a button. However, we all know things change faster then we can blink and before we know it, facebook might not be there. This is why it is SO important to have a tangible copy of your images.

Think about when you kids have kids and want to look back at all the memories! Yes of course they will make fun of your fashion style then, but that is what it’s all about!

My Grandpe has shoe boxes of images from when he was starting his family to his now grandkids growing up. I’m talking MANY boxes worth. About once a year, I go over to his place and get lost in the prints. It is by far my most favourite thing to do. I remember as a kid, sitting at his kitchen table thumbing through all the black and white prints and picturing myself in that generation. It might be the only reason I wanted to be a photographer and never really knew it until recently.


With today’s technology, we are so quick to pull out that phone and take a photo of the moment. While this is fine, I would still encourage you to print these images. Because having hidden in a closed to pull out and look at every once in a while, is the best walk down memory lane any kid can ask for.

Know that I am a step momma, these moments matter to me even more then they did before. I want every wall of my house to have prints hung. Looking at their smiling faces, caught in the moment makes me smile no matter what kind of day it is. That right there should be reason enough to have your walls covered with every single adorable moment! I often find myself going back through images from when I was kid and now relating them to my step kids… ‘When I was his age, I was doing this!’ It’s such a great thing to pass down generations to hold memories that otherwise might have been forgotten.

While I do offer the digital images with most of my sessions, I also offer printing options too! Don’t be afraid to ask about what products we can create for you. Now I will leave you with some of photos of my favourite activities as a kid, that are still my favourite! Crazy how those little things as a kid become so big as an adult!

Shauna *SWAK* (this was what my Great Grandma used to put on the back of each card envelope - Sealed With A Kiss)