“This is what I like about photographs, They’re proof that once, even if just for a heartbeat, everything was perfect.” …Jodi Picult

“This is what I like about photographs, They’re proof that once, even if just for a heartbeat, everything was perfect.”
…Jodi Picult


It seems so long ago now that I was graduating, not one but two college programs, from Algonquin. Yet really, it wasn't that long ago! When I started out this adventure, I would have never thought it was possible for my 'job' to be the one thing to bring me out of my shell and my personality shine. 

When I started out, my plan was to just work and see where it would take me - so really I had no plan! While in my spare time, you'd find me in the gym training or out with nature - the two places my mind and soul were at ease. Eight years later, many coffee filed mornings, late nights editing and the decision to pursue my passion fulltime, here we are! These days my mornings start out with snuggles from two amazing littles as well as four fur babies and while some nights still end with editing photos, more often then not I opt for hanging with my man instead. 

Because let me tell you, life flies by faster then we realize! I look at my littles and I remember when I was their age, playing in the pool while my Grandpe took photos of us or crazy noisy christmas dinners at my Aunts. Thankfully my Grandpe kept all those developed photos and every once in a while you'll find me lost in the memories of generations. Those photos are what has captured the moment and left behind memories otherwise forgotten. Which is why I love my job so much, getting to give others a place to get lost in, hold on to memories of loved ones is a gift like no other!

My goal is that no matter who stands in front of my camera, I promise to make them as comfortable as possible. When you ask me to follow you around with my camera, I want to capture you for who you are while having fun and sharing some laughs. So lets go have some fun!

Shauna :)

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While technically trained from the well known Algonquin College Photography program, I've spent the last 8 years photographing many different set ups - groups, couples, newborns, families, weddings, events, etc to have the experience to bring you well thought out sessions while allowing you to be as nature as possible. I strive myself on capturing the true you so your photos reflect your personality. I've also taken many courses since to broaden my knowledge on more skills like newborn safety and posing. While located in Almonte - which I might add is a very friendly community - I will travel within Ottawa and the Valley if you're not able to come to me. Our city, that nations capital, has so many photographic opportunities to take advantage of so lets go discover!